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How to Prevent Burst Pipes Now

Your pipes are less likely to burst when temperatures are warm. However, it’s wise to take steps now to prevent burst pipes in the future. These steps will save you major problems and expenses down the road.

Take Steps to Fight Clogs

One of the best ways to prevent burst pipes is to keep them flowing freely. Refrain from putting anything down the drain that can lead to clogs. This includes grease in your kitchen sink and anything too bulky for your garbage disposal to handle.

In the bathroom, install hair guards in your drains to collect loose hair and clean them regularly. Also, don’t flush anything besides human waste and toilet paper in your toilet. Even items like flushable wipes can clog up your plumbing. By taking these steps to fight clogs, you can prevent a disaster from occurring.

Inspect Pipes for Problems

The time to inspect your pipes is best before a problem occurs. While water is running in the pipes, visually inspect them for any drips or tiny rivulets of water. If you see any condensation or puddles, be sure to call a plumber for help. By fixing a leak or crack now, you’ll prevent a flood in your home.

Beef Up Insulation

Insulated pipes can handle fluctuations in temperature better than pipes without insulation. You can purchase various types of insulation for your pipes now. It’s also wise to seal cracks and increase wall insulation in the warmer months. By taking care of this task now, you can save on energy bills in the winter. You’ll also reduce your risks for a water pipe bursting in seasons to come.

Check Your Freeze Date

Before the first freeze in your area, you need to disconnect hoses from exterior walls and drain your sprinkler system. If you don’t remember to complete these tasks, you could risk burst pipes when it gets cold outside. Check with your local weather website or conservation department about the most likely first freeze dates. Then pencil in a date a week or two prior to that to disconnect everything.

If Your Pipes Burst

Pipes are more likely to burst in cold weather. However, problems with pipes happen year-round. If you experience a burst pipe anytime of day or night, call the experts at Cleaning and Restoration Specialists for help.

The sooner you call us, the better we can protect your home from water damage. Turn off your main water supply, then contact us right away. We have the right tools and equipment to remove water from every surface of your home, even ones hidden from view.

By contacting us within 24 hours of discovering a burst pipe, we can help you save money on cleanup and restoration. Don’t try to handle a cleanup job all by yourself. You could miss important areas like walls and subfloors, which could lead to expensive repairs. Contact us at (210) 610-5349 as soon as you notice a burst pipe, and our professional team will hurry to help you fix the problem.

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