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Top 5 Areas In Your Home That Pose Flood Risk

kitchen flood damage

Dealing with flood damage in your home can cause lots of added stress to your financial budget. It’s important to be proactive in preventing floods in your home so you don’t end up spending more money on repairs later. Read on to learn the top areas in your home that are at risk for a flood so you can be better prepared.

Flood Damage In The Basement

Basements are the most common areas in homes that can flood. They are inherently prone to flood damage simply because of the location. They’re at least partially underground. When there is excess water, it needs a place to go. Most of the time basements can flood due to storm damage, but basement flooding can also be a result of a broken pipe or sewer damage. The water flows downward and into the basement.

Kitchen Flooding

Kitchens pose a risk for flood damage due to the appliances. Dishwashers, refrigerators, and sink systems are all at risk for flooding. These appliances are hooked up to the main water lines and if there are any breaks or issues, a flood can occur.

Risk Of Flood In Bathrooms

Similar to kitchen floods, there are bathroom fixtures that are connected to the water line. The most common reason bathrooms experience flood damage is because of a backed-up pipe. When something is going down drains in the household that shouldn’t be, it’s usually happening in the bathroom, as there are often unapproved items being flushed.

Backyard Floods

Depending on how your backyard is laid out, you’re likely to experience flooding there. Whether it’s due to excessive storms or a leak in the sewer pump, water can pool in the yard. Flood damage can also occur in the backyard simply through a sprinkler system. There may be too much water being used and not enough places for it to go. One of the best ways to remedy this issue is by having drains placed in the yard so the water has a place to drain.

Garage Flood Damage

The most common reason a garage will flood is if there is a water heater there. Water heaters are prone to leaks. Much like basements, garages are the lowest point of the house in that section. It’s not typical for a basement to be under a garage. So, if there is flooding near the garage, that’s likely where the water will end up.

Who To Call If You’re Experiencing A Flood In San Antonio

If you’re interested in learning more ways to keep your home protected against floods or you need someone to restore flood damage in your home, you need the Cleaning & Restoration Specialists. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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