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San Antonio Burst Pipe Cleanup & Repair

Burst Pipes

Living in the San Antonio area, you may think you are safe from your pipes bursting. But frozen water within pipes is not the only reason your pipes can burst. Extremely high temperatures can also cause burst pipes because the extreme heat can put too much pressure on your pipes. When your pipes burst, the water may flow into your home quickly, or your pipes may leak. If a burst pipe goes undetected for too long, it can cause significant damage to your walls, floors, and insulation.


Burst pipes can happen within seconds. There is no time to wait. The longer you let a burst pipe go, the more damage occurs.


Cleaning & Restoration Specialist understands a pipe bursting in your home can be a traumatic experience. We make sure that when you’re dealing with a burst pipe, you don’t have to mess with the cleanup. Cleaning & Restoration Specialist has the right knowledge and equipment to ensure the best water cleanup after your pipes burst.


Don’t wait around hoping that the flood damage will take care of itself. Call the experts at Cleaning & Restoration Specialist! We will have someone out to your house within the hour. 

Why Trust Us

If one of your pipes burst, you cannot wait for the water to start rushing in. The moment you see water, damages have already started to happen. Don’t wait. Call Cleaning & Restoration Specialist to fix your burst pipes before it’s too late.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Cleaning up after a pipe burst is not something just anyone can do. It takes the right knowledge and experience. Cleaning & Restoration Specialist has over 30 Years of dealing with burst pipes in the San Antonio area. We know how to best approach each and every type of burst pipe.

Customer Satisfaction:

Allowing someone to work in your home is not easy. At Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, we understand that you want someone you can trust. That is why we always make sure you are one hundred percent happy with our work. If there is something that you aren’t happy with, we will fix it.

IICRC Certification:

Working with pipes takes certain certifications. Here at Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, we make sure all of our technicians have the right certification to work on your pipes.

24/7 Service:

Burst pipes can happen during the day or in the middle of the night. That is why we offer a 24/7 service. Even if your pipes burst at 2 AM on a Saturday, we will be available. It is just one more way we put our customers first.

Burst Pipe Causes

Burst pipes can happen to anyone. While there are ways to reduce the likelihood that your pipes will burst, there is no way surefire way to completely avoid burst pipes. A burst pipe can happen to anyone, and when it does, it can leave a huge mess behind.


Whether it is a big or small mess, Cleaning & Restoration Specialist has the necessary knowledge and equipment to clean up after your pipes burst. We understand that there are many different reasons your pipes may leak or burst


Extreme Temperatures:

Burst pipes can occur due to high temperatures. When there is too much heat surrounding your pipes, they can become too hot and burst. When this type of burst happens, you are left with a lot of water cleanup.

Damage to Pipes During a Remodel:

You may have had your home remodeled recently. During your remodel one of your pipes may have become damaged. You may not notice any issues for a while, but over time the damaged pipe can become worse and either leak or burst.


Pipes, whether inside or underground, deal with corrosion. If there is too much corrosion on your pipes, they can leak or burst.

Burst Pipe Signs

There are usually some signs that your pipes are leaking. If you experience any of the signs below, then you need to have your pipes inspected before one bursts.

Your water bill skyrockets

Visible mold and mildew

Musty smell

Cracks in your foundation

Stained or damaged walls, ceilings, or floors

Running meter

Wet spots

Be sure to watch for these signs to help you save money.


Our Burst Pipe Process

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist understands that you want to know what is going on in your house. That is why we are always transparent about our process. We want you to know everything that is happening with your burst pipe cleanup from start to finish.

Technicians Arrive:

We send a technician to our home right away after you call us about your burst pipes.


The technician will do an inspection. During the inspection, they will start by looking over the area where the pipe burst. They will also examine other areas to ensure there is no other damage.

Make a Plan:

After the inspection, our technician will come up with the best plan of action. All of our plans are based off the inspection and our knowledge of how to best clean up burst pipe damage. We will go over the plan with you before any work starts

Clear the Area:

The first part of our work is to clear out anything that is salvageable from the damaged area.

Exact Water:

We will then exact all the standing water using the proper equipment.

Dry Out:

Once all the water is extracted, our technicians will dry out the area so that no mold can start to grow.

Final Walkthrough:

We will do a final walkthrough with you and make sure our work meets your standards. If you are not satisfied, we will fix any issues that you see.

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A burst pipe can happen at any time. Don’t wait to call in the experts. Cleaning & Restoration Specialist has the tools and experience to clean up any damage and restore your home. We are the best choice for burst pipe restoration in the San Antonio area. Call us today at (210)-656-2112.