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Tom was referred to me by our contractor. We had a garage apartment that was infested with mold. Tom was very courteous and took his time explaining to me what they were going to do next. His primary laborer was great as well. I liked that Tom gave me frequent updates and we discussed all my options, including the cost saving ones. Once all the repairs and cleaning was done, we were still having a humidity problem. Tom recommended I contact our A/C guy and he kept following up with me until I did. It turns out the A/C unit was too large for the space — once we installed a serious dehumidifier – the future problem was solved.
I noticed some cracking in our drywall a few weeks after the work was done. I sent Tom a message and he had his guy out there redoing the work (probably just ground settling) right away.
High integrity business. Recommend.
CRS provided the following services for us: cleaning bed, carpets, etc, cleaning entire apartment, cut out rotten drywall and replace, repaint, dry outposts and wall, treat all mold, pull up flooring and dry, replace carpeting, test moisture in walls, floor and air

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