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The First Actions to Take When a Flood Strikes Your Home


If a flood strikes your home, it’s important to take action right away to prevent water damage. You can take some steps on your own to minimize the damage. But it’s also wise to call for professional help from Cleaning and Restoration Specialists as soon as possible. Take these initial steps before giving us a call.


You may grab the mop or shop vac first to remove water. That’s good, but it’s not the first step you should take. It’s crucial for you to take these essential steps to protect yourself from harm from the beginning.

Put on rubber boots if you are walking in water. They will protect your feet from unseen objects and minimize the risk of an electrical injury. Head to the main power source in your home and shut it off to the whole house. This is the most important first step to take.

It’s also important to turn off other utilities, such as a natural gas line. If you overlook this important first step, you could experience a dangerous or deadly explosion. Your utility provider can help you locate the turnoff point or turn it off for you.


When water seeps into your home during a flood, it’s important to remove it quickly to minimize damage. However, it’s also necessary to remove water so that mold and mildew don’t spread. In warm, damp areas, mold and mildew can rapidly multiply to toxic levels. They can cause significant health issues in vulnerable individuals.

To keep your home as healthy as possible, you must remove the flood water fast. If possible, open your windows and doors to allow air to circulate. Locate electric fans away from standing water. They will encourage quicker evaporation.

Mop or vacuum up as much water as you are able. Also, place wet items like furniture outside or in your garage. By removing the wettest items and soaking up standing water, you’ll greatly reduce the mold and mildew risk.


Be sure to enlist help from family and friends as you clean up standing water. Even if you are able to clean up all the visible water with help from others, it’s almost impossible to remove every drop. Water seeps into the walls, insulation, floor boards, and joists. The average homeowner does not have access to the equipment required to clean up those areas.

The professional team at Cleaning and Restoration Specialists can help you. If you call us within 24 hours of the flood, we can remove all the hidden water. We have tools to test for water in the places you can’t see. We also have the right equipment to remove that water and completely restore your home. By calling us after you clean up the standing water, you will greatly benefit from our professional cleaning and restoration services.


Our team will test for hidden water, mold and mildew. We can remove water from your walls, floors and other places to help you avoid expensive repairs. You can reach us at (210) 610-5481, whether you experience a flood in the day or in the night.

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