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What You Risk When You Delay Water Damage Cleanup


Water damage can sneak up on homeowners and cause serious damage if neglected. San Antonio sees a fair share of severe weather events that can cause water damage, like flooding, in the blink of an eye. Want to avoid your home falling apart and needing expensive restoration? Read on to learn about the risks of waiting to deal with the cleanup.


Home damage after water exposure occurs in stages that vary by length of time.  Immediate water exposure (within a few minutes) results in materials absorbing water as the liquid spreads.  For example, if you knocked over a glass of water, the water would spread onto the table and possibly a newspaper. Both the wood and the paper would absorb the water, changing their texture and stability. This same concept applies to water damage throughout your home, and if cleanup is delayed then bigger consequences are in store.  If wood furniture is exposed to water for just 24 hours, the structures can swell in size and cause cracking.  Metal equipment does not need long to corrode and rust when exposed to water as well.  Lastly, an easy sign of water damage is the presence of a musty odor.


Several sources of water damage can expose you to harmful bacteria and viruses.  Natural disasters, such as flooding, can result in infiltration of molecules from outside the home into your living spaces. Many of these harsh molecules can impact humans and pets just through breathing or skin exposure.  Flooding can also contaminate drinking water, which can lead to illnesses that harm your digestive system.  Another example of water damage that is a health risk is in-home flooding from a sewer backup. When sewage systems are clogged and they back up into exposed areas, the water often contains traces of human waste. Human waste frequently contains harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illness or even death.  To keep your family healthy, check for water damage often and do not delay in calling a professional.


If you have limited water backup that has occurred in the last 10-12 hours, calling a professional to fix the issue may cost you anywhere from $50-500 depending on severity of the issue and response time. This might seem like a hefty chunk of change but it’s minimal compared to the thousands of dollars potentially spent if water damage has been untouched for a week. Most likely there will be furniture, drywall, and appliances to replace. Insurance companies won’t cover your expenses if you wait.

Hiring a professional in the San Antonio area doesn’t have to occur only after disastrous water damage. San Antonio Cleaning and Restoration Specialists have been preventing catastrophic water destruction and restoring buildings for over 30 years. Contact us today to learn more about our wide variety of services.

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