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Why You Need A Water Restoration Specialist


Have you experienced water damage recently in your home? This can be anywhere from a leaking pipe to severe damage from a hurricane. If your home has sustained any water damage, you may need to contact a water restoration specialist.

What Does A Water Restoration Specialist Do?

A water restoration specialist fixes a home after it experiences water damage. Types of damage include flooding, pipes bursting, and natural disasters like hurricanes. If you postpone fixing your water problem, your home can experience mold growth and other dangerous things. To avoid that, you will want to seek a water restoration specialist to get the damage repaired.

Different Levels of Water Damage

There are three different types of water damage: clean, gray, and black. “Clean” water comes from a burst pipe or a leak from an appliance. Clean water can turn into gray water. This kind of water is considered contaminated because of the organisms that can develop in it over time. If your toilet overflows, it is considered gray water because of the bacteria in it. One of the most difficult types of water to clean up is blackwater. This comes from sewage water and stormwater damage. No matter which type of damage you’ve sustained, you will need to get the area as dry as possible and then contact a water restoration specialist immediately.

The Water Restoration Process

The first thing a water restoration specialist will do is inspect the damaged area. Then they will dry the area. If there is standing water, then the specialist will have to vacuum it out. If there are any damages, then you may have to contact a home restoration specialist. Depending on how high the standing water is, you might have to replace floors, walls, appliances, or cabinets.

If you experience any water damage, you need to contact a water restoration specialist as soon as you can. Even if it’s as “small” as a leaking pipe or an overflowed toilet, call us. The longer you wait, the more damage your home will incur—especially if you have standing water.

Standing water is a great place for bacteria and microbes to grow. These things are harmful to your body and living area. Cleaning & Restoration Specialists are ready to help, and we’re just a phone call away.

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