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About Us

Tom & Yolanda Lott

Family Owned By A Husband And Wife Team

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist has been servicing the San Antonio area for over 30 Years. Our overall mission is to exceed customer expectations and be the most reliable restoration company in the San Antonio area.

One way we ensure that we exceed customer expectations is by always having someone ready to help. It doesn’t matter if it is a Sunday or a Tuesday, we have someone on call 24/7. We understand that when damage strikes your home, there is no time to waste.

Not only do we have 24/7 servicing, but all of our technicians are IICRC certified. We invest in our employees to ensure each one has the correct certification to handle all of your damages. When you interact with any of our technicians or dispatch team, you will receive someone who is trained, knowledgeable, and professional. We know that dealing with damages to your home is stressful. That is why we always make sure you receive the best service from all our employees.

Welcome To Our Family Business

Hello and welcome to Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, your go-to source for top-notch water restoration services in San Antonio, Texas, and beyond. I’m Tom Lott, proud owner, and co-founder of this family-operated business.


Born and raised right here in the heart of San Antonio, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. College wasn’t my thing; I craved the thrill of owning my own business. So, I took a leap of faith and started a janitorial company. But it didn’t stop there – I had bigger dreams.


My journey into the world of water restoration began when I noticed customers seeking carpet and rug cleaning services. Eager to meet their needs, I dove headfirst into learning the ropes, becoming certified by the IICRC and expanding my expertise to include tile, grout, and upholstery cleaning.


It wasn’t long before I persuaded my high school sweetheart and now wonderful wife, Yolanda, to join me on this adventure. Together, we transformed our small operation into a full-fledged carpet cleaning business, with a dedication to continuous growth and innovation. When customers started reaching out for water damage restoration, we saw an opportunity to expand our services and provide even more value to our community.


Driven by our shared passion for helping others, Yolanda and I have built Cleaning & Restoration Specialist on a foundation of trust, integrity, and genuine care for our customers. Our motto, “water damage is the work we do, but what we do is take care of people in times of distress,” isn’t just a slogan – it’s a way of life for us.


Thank you for considering Cleaning & Restoration Specialist for your water restoration needs. We’re here to lend a helping hand whenever you need us, because to us, it’s not just about restoring your property – it’s about restoring your peace of mind.

 – Tom Lott

Meet the Heart of Our Business

Hi there! I’m Yolanda, the co-owner and heart behind Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, your trusted partner in water restoration solutions. While I may have been born in Midrid, Spain, my journey led me to the beautiful state of Texas at a young age, where I’ve proudly called it home ever since.


My career path took an unexpected turn when my husband, Tom, convinced me to leave my longtime job at USAA and join forces with him in our family business. Together, we’ve embarked on a rewarding journey of entrepreneurship, fueled by our shared passion for making a positive impact in people’s lives.


At Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, I wear many hats, from managing customer relations to ensuring the smooth operation of our day-to-day tasks. But what truly drives me is our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients. Whether it’s providing a listening ear or lending a helping hand, I believe in treating each customer like a member of our own family.


Outside of work, you’ll often find me cuddling up with our beloved English bulldog, Brooks, or supporting our daughter, Brynn, in her endeavors.


Thank you for considering Cleaning & Restoration Specialist for your water restoration needs. We’re here to support you every step of the way, because to us, it’s not just about fixing water damage – it’s about restoring your peace of mind and helping you navigate through life’s unexpected challenges.


– Yolanda Lott

When you hire us, you are guaranteed:

We take care of you! We understand that it’s tough having to get water or mold damage work done at your home, it’s something that you did not plan for! But here you are and your planned schedule is disrupted.

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist prides itself on being there for you in one of the most difficult times. If damage strikes your home, call the certified and trained professionals. At Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, we treat your home like it is our own and ensure that your home is restored to its pre-damage condition. Your home is a big investment, so be sure to hire the right people to take care of it.

The CRS Guarantee


Cleaning & Restoration Specialist Values

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, like any other company, has a mission and values. However, unlike many companies, we are committed to sticking to our values. We know that you want a company whose actions speak louder than words. That is why we make our values clear and ask you to speak up if we are not upholding them.


We want to respect you as a customer. That is why we always make sure you know exactly what is going on during the restoration process.


We make sure that we don’t make any promises we cannot keep. We also make sure that if any additional cost comes up during the restoration process, you are the first to know. We never add any additional charges without your knowledge.

Customer Service

We know that without our customers, we cannot continue to do what we love. That is why we always put you, the customer, first. We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work and you know everything that goes on during restoration

If we are not upholding all these values, then please let us know. We want to make sure you get the best service and are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. We want to continue to service the San Antonio area for another 30 Years plus, so help us become better by letting us know if we are not upholding our values.

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist Services

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist has been servicing the San Antonio area for over 30 Years in a variety of different restoration services. Our goals and efforts are aimed at restoring your home in the best and most efficient way possible.


We want you to feel confident when you call Cleaning & Restoration Specialist. That is why we always make sure our technicians have the right training and certification to handle your damages. Whether it is your home or business, our technicians use the latest equipment to restore your property back to its original state.


Cleaning & Restoration Specialist is IICRC certified in these restoration services:


Water Damage Restoration

We will find the source of the water to ensure no more water damage occurs. Once the source has been found and cut off, we will start the water restoration process by extracting any water and drying out the space. Once the water restoration process is complete, we will test to make sure there are no harmful contaminants left behind.

Storm & Flood Damage Restoration

When the water starts rushing in, call us. We will have someone out right away to inspect the flooding and come up with a plan. We will extract the water using the latest equipment and then dry out the area to ensure no mold or mildew growth.

Sewage Backup Cleanup

Sewage damage can be dangerous. We ensure that we take the right precautions to ensure your home is safe. After ensuring the safety of your home, we extract the sewer water and dry out the area. Burst Pipes: Burst pipes can happen at any moment. If you have a burst pipe, we will come out and restore the pipe and clean up the mess it left behind


Our Process

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist is IICRC certified in these restoration services: Depending on the service, our process will look a little different. However, two steps remain the same: the first inspection and the final inspection. These two steps are important in ensuring the best outcome. During the first inspection, we inspect your home to discover every little detail about the damage and help us determine a plan of action. The final inspection is to inspect your home to make sure that every little detail we found during the first inspection is taken care of.

Take Action

Don’t wait around for the problem to solve itself. Call the experts at Cleaning & Restoration Specialist. You can rest assured when you call us that someone will always answer and a technician will be sent out as soon as possible. Whether it is flood damage or a burst pipe, we always have a technician ready to restore your home. We ensure the best results in the San Antonio area. Call us today to restore your home back to its pre-damage condition. Call us at (210)-656-2112.

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