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Sewage Cleanup San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Sewage Cleanup

When sewage lines fail and water gets into your home, the results can be hazardous. Sewage backup is an emergency, since the water contains viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that can cause serious illnesses. Not to mention, these hazardous contaminants can get trapped in your air and HVAC system. If these compounds become trapped within your HVAC system, they can even cause more damage to your property.


Sewage backup can happen for various reasons. While there are ways to prevent sewage backup, it can happen to anyone at any moment. Contaminated water can come into your house with little to no warning. When this happens, there is no time to waste.


Sewage backup should only be handled by experts who can safely clean up all the hazardous material. With over 30 Years of restoration experience in the San Antonio area, Cleaning & Restoration Specialist knows how to best deal with your sewage backup. We can handle any amount of sewage damage that you may have.




Why Hire Us for Sewage Backup Cleanup?

The experts at Cleaning & Restoration Specialist are the water restoration professionals you are looking for to handle your water damage restoration process. With over 30 Years of water damage restoration experience, we know what we are doing, and we handle each house like it is our own. We are committed to restoring your home back to its original condition. At Cleaning & Restoration Specialist, all of our technicians are IICRC Certified. What does this mean for you? This means you are getting:


All of our technicians are certified by the IICRC. We believe in investing in our employees to provide you with the best service possible. There is no sewage damage that our technicians cannot handle.


For over 30 Years, we have been cleaning up sewage damage in the San Antonia are. Our experts can handle any problem and will be able to answer all of your questions.

Customer Service

We always make sure that our customers are one hundred percent satisfied. If customers are unhappy with the initial results, we will always go back over the property with them to rectify any problems.

24/7 Service

We know that sewage backup can happen at any moment. That is why we always have someone there to take your call. Even if your sewage backup happens at 2 AM on a Saturday, we will be there to take your call. Not only will we take your call, but we will have someone out within the hour to help you.

If you have sewage backup, then don't wait. The damage it can cause to your home and health is not worth the wait. Call Cleaning & Restoration Specialist today, (210) 656-2112

Causes of Sewage Backup

No matter when sewage backup happens or how bad the damage is, Cleaning & Restoration Specialist is here to help. We know there are many reasons that sewage backup occurs, and we can deal with all of them.

Pipe or Main Sewer Line Blockage

The most common reason for damage to your sewage is a pipe or main blockage. Blockage occurs when an object or objects obstruct a pipe or main. Common items that cause blockages are feminine products, foliage, tree roots, or other larger items that cannot go down the drain.

Flood Water and Severe Storms:

Flooding not only affects your home, but it can also cause sewage backup. When severe storms or flooding hits, debris can build up in sewage systems, causing a backup.

Accumulation of Smaller Items:

Smaller items can cause your drain to get backed up, leading to sewage damage. Things like hair, food, and grease can accumulate over time and cause a backup.


Signs of Sewage Backup

There are signs that help you determine if your sewage is about to back up.


Slow drainage

Sewer water or sewage backing up and overflowing from toilets and sinks

A raw sewage smell coming from drains

A gurgling noise in drains

Water collects in the area outside where underground sewer lines are located

Signs of water damage appear on the foundation of your home or business building, even when the weather is dry

If you notice any of these signs, it may mean you have the start of a sewage backup. Call Cleaning & Restoration Specialist before it’s too late.

Our Sewage Backup Restoration Process

Cleaning & Restoration Specialist treats every home like it is our own. We understand that it is not easy to let just anyone work on your house. That is why we build your trust before we start any work. We believe in keeping you in the loop about everything in order to help you feel more at ease with the whole process.

Technicians Arrive:

Our technicians will show up properly at your house with the correct equipment. The first thing they will do is an inspection.

Establish a Plan:

Once our technicians determine where the sources of backup are, they will establish a plan. No work will begin until you have approved our plan.

Extract Water:

The technicians will use the correct equipment to extract any standing water.

Dry Out:

Once all the water is extracted, our technicians will dry out the area so that no mold can start to grow.


We will thoroughly clean all affected areas to be sure there is no contamination or dangerous residue.

Samples Taken:

We will take samples for a few days after the dry out is complete. The samples are taken to test that there are not hazardous contaminants.

Final Walkthrough:

We will do a final walkthrough with you and make sure our work meets your standards. If you are not satisfied, we will fix any issues that you see.

We make sure that at the end of our process, all of your needs are met. If you have issues with something, we will make it right.

Call Cleaning Restoration Specialist Today

Sewage backup should never be dealt with alone. Cleaning & Restoration Specialist has the tools and experience to make sure your sewage backup is cleaned up correctly. Call us today to have your sewage issues taken care of promptly. We service the San Antonio area. Don’t wait any longer. Clean up your sewage backup today with Cleaning & Restoration Specialist.