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The First Actions to Take When a Flood Strikes Your Home

If a flood strikes your home, it’s important to take action right away to prevent water damage. You can take some steps on your own to minimize the damage. But it’s also wise to call for professional help from Cleaning and Restoration Specialists as soon as possible. Take these initial steps before giving us a […]

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What You Can Do to Prevent Sewage Backup

When your sewer backs up, you have a huge mess on your hands. However, you can get great help with sewage backup cleanup from professionals like Cleaning and Restoration Specialists. But before you worry about sewage backing up, you can take these steps to prevent problems from occurring. Correctly Clean Up Grease¬† You’ve probably heard […]

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How to Stop Water Damage Before It Starts

Flooding is one of the worst messes you can face. Fortunately, you can take steps to stop water damage before it starts. These are the best ways to keep water from damaging your home. We’ll also tell you how we can help if a flood does occur. Inspect Your Home The first line of defense […]

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3 Reasons to Call a Professional After a Flood

When your home or business is affected by a flood, it’s tempting to think that you can save time and money by cleaning up on your own. On the contrary – it may cost you more if you don’t hire professional help for the cleanup. These are the three main reasons to call professionals like […]

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3 Steps to Take When Your Pipes Burst

You may have taken steps to prevent burst pipes, yet your pipes burst anyway. If this unfortunate event strikes your home, you must take steps as quickly as possible to ward off more damage. You can take some actions yourself before calling for professional help. How to Know When Your Pipes Burst You can call […]

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What to Do If Your Sewer Backs Up

A sewer backup can be a big mess. It not only throws a kink into your schedule; it also has the potential to put you out of your home for a few days. Sewer messes are huge headaches that are best handled by professionals like Cleaning and Restoration Specialists. Steps to Take After Your Sewer […]

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3 Ways to Handle Flood Damage

When your home or business has¬†flood damage, it can be a big hassle to clean up. You can handle some of the clean-up yourself, but it’s best to contact a professional to assess the damage. Cleaning and Restoration Specialists can help you clean up after a flood, and these are the three steps to take […]

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How to Restore Your Home After Water Damage

Have you recently experienced water damage in your home? You may feel devastated by the damage. But we specialize in water damage restoration, and we can give you hope that not all is lost. This is what you can do in conjunction with our help to restore your home. Take Immediate Action As soon as […]

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How to Find Leaks in Your Home to Prevent Water Damage

Do you have a hunch that water is leaking somewhere in your house? You need to detect the leak source and repair it as soon as possible to prevent water damage. The professionals at Cleaning and Restoration Specialists can help if you have damage from a leak in your home. Testing for Leaks You can […]

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What Items in My Home Can Cause Flooding?

In-home floods don’t always occur due to weather or outside sources. They can come from several different items within your home. We’ll let you know which items you need to watch and give you tips to prevent flooding from occurring. Items That Cause Flooding These common household items can cause big problems if they don’t […]

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