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Precautions You Must Take Before Sewer Cleanup


Sewer cleanup can be a daunting task, especially if you have limited experience.  Many home and business owners don’t realize that there are several steps to complete as a precaution before proceeding to clean up the waste. Not sure where to begin when assessing sewer damage? Keep reading to learn about what you should do to prepare for cleaning up sewer waste.


If you suspect the sewer has backed up into an area, make sure you put on protective clothing before inspecting or cleaning up.  Close-toed shoes or boots are necessary.  Wearing long pants and sleeves will also limit exposure to potentially harmful human waste.  You should also wear thick rubber gloves to prevent touching any human waste or harmful materials.


The first step in cleaning up sewer waste is to survey the impacted area and determine the extent of the damage. If you suspect there are electrical issues, use a lantern or flashlight for better visuals. When inspecting the area, ensure that any humans or pets are evacuated safely to limit exposure to dangerous chemicals and odors.  Be careful and avoid touching any sewage with bare hands.


Before starting cleanup, there are a few more precautions to take in order to prevent further damage or injury. Find the electrical box and turn off the electricity. Cutting the power is especially important to prevent electrocution if there is standing water from the sewer backup.  The water supply also needs to be turned off.  Sinks, toilets, and hoses should not be used while the water is turned off, otherwise further pipe damage will occur.


When sewers and drains back up into buildings, the damage might not impact the entire space. Moving uncontaminated items or equipment to dry or clean areas will limit exposure to any potential toxins from waste. However, use a crucial eye when sorting items.  Avoid placing contaminated items into clean areas, which can transmit bacteria and harmful molecules from sewer backup further.

Ultimately, preventing sewer back up is the safest precaution you can take to protect your home or business.  But no matter how well prepared you are, mother nature and accidents can happen. In addition to taking these precautions, it’s important to call in the professionals within 24 hours of sewer backup to minimize damages. The San Antonio area trusts Cleaning and Restoration Specialists with the dirtiest of jobs. Contact us at (210)-944-4382 or visit or website today.

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