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The Importance of Acting Fast After a Flood


If your home gets flooded, it’s crucial you act fast to protect yourself and your assets. You can take several measures yourself before calling restoration specialists for cleanup. Here are the top ways you can act fast after a flood to salvage your home.

Shut Off Utilities for Safety

At the first sign of water leaking in your home, shut off the water, electrical and gas supplies. You can minimize the damage by shutting off the water main. You can prevent major disasters by turning off the electric at the circuit breaker and gas at the meter tank.

If you smell gas or burning insulation, or if you notice sparks near a flooded interior area, do not enter. Instead, call 911, the electric utility, or the gas company as soon as possible.

Take Safety Precautions

If there are several inches of water on the floor, be sure to wear sturdy shoes. You could cut your feet on an item you can’t see under the water.

Only use battery-powered lights or your smartphone to light the areas you inspect. An open flame could cause an explosion if a gas line was left open.

Report Damage Immediately

The longer you wait to report water damage to a company like Cleaning and Restoration Specialists, the greater the chance you could experience major damage to your home.

Water is heavy, and it can cause ceilings and walls to collapse under its weight. It can also cause irreversible damage to windows, doors, and floors. Water can cause severe damage to your foundation or basement as well. Minimize the damage to your home by calling the experts as soon as you notice standing water.

Open Windows

You can reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth by opening your windows and allowing fresh air into your home. Mold and mildew can cause serious health problems for many people.

Turn on ceiling fans and use box fans to help dry up the water while you wait for cleaning experts to arrive. But don’t rely on fans to do the job only professionals are equipped to do.

Test the Tap Water

Depending on your situation, your tap water may be compromised by flooding. Don’t drink the water until you know that it is safe. If you have a well, you need to perform a water test before drinking it again. Our team of professionals can help you check if your water is safe to drink. The sooner you report a water problem, the sooner we can get test results back and make necessary repairs.

Call the Experts, No Matter What

Even if you think the damage is minimal, it’s essential to schedule an expert assessment. You may not see how much water crept into hidden places, such as sub-floors and the inside of walls. The experts at Cleaning and Restoration Specialists know exactly which areas need inspection after you experience a flood in your home.

Give us a call within 24 to 48 hours of experiencing water damage in your home. Our technicians are highly trained, certified and available around the clock. Call us at (210) 610-5481 at the first sign of water damage.

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