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Top Preventive Measures to Keep Your Pipes from Bursting This Winter


As the bitter winds blow in and the snow begins to fall, winter is quickly upon us. These early signs of winter are the perfect time to ensure that you are prepared for winter on all fronts. From pulling out warm sweaters and winter clothes to chopping firewood, there is one winter preparation task that people often forget about. Making sure that your pipes are ready for the cold, possibly freezing weather is crucial to preventing burst pipes. Here are top preventative measures to keep your pipes from bursting this winter.

Keep Your Faucet Dripping

While a dripping faucet is usually looked at as an issue, it can actually be a good thing in the winter months. Keep your faucets dripping just a little bit during the colder months of the year. Having that little bit of water flow keeps the pressure low in the pipes. This low pressure helps prevent burst pipes and keeps your pipes working all winter long.

Insulate Your Pipes

Even in warmer climates, exposed pipes can still freeze. Adding insulation to pipes helps to keep them un-frozen and working no matter the temperature outside. There are a few ways to keep your pipes warm. One way is to wrap foam insulation around your pipe. Foam insulation is widely available at home improvement stores and helps to keep your pipes protected when a cold snap hits.

Keep Interior Doors in Your Home Open

It may seem simple, but keeping your interior doors open can do a lot for your pipes. Whether you are at home or not, try to keep as many of your interior doors in your home open for optimal airflow. This allows the heat to move through the house more efficiently and reach closer to pipes. Not only will you reduce the risk of burst pipes, but you will also keep your home warmer by keeping the interior doors in your home open.

These top preventative measures help reduce the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting. However, sometimes burst pipes still happen. At Cleaning and Restoration Specialists, we are experienced in helping you recover from the aftermath of burst pipes. Our team of specialists knows how to properly restore your home to its“pre-burst” condition. If you are ready to restore your home after a pipe has burst, contact us at Cleaning and Restoration Specialists today!

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