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What Items in My Home Can Cause Flooding?


In-home floods don’t always occur due to weather or outside sources. They can come from several different items within your home. We’ll let you know which items you need to watch and give you tips to prevent flooding from occurring.

Items That Cause Flooding

These common household items can cause big problems if they don’t operate properly. You need to keep an eye on these items and check them for problems to head off flooding in your home. If you take precautions, you’ll be far less likely to experience a preventable flood.


Your clothes washer has the potential to flood entire rooms of your home. Washers are most likely to flood due to a clogged pipe or drain. They can also clog if you have hard water, which causes sediment to build up in the valves.

It’s important to inspect your washer for problems to ward off a flood. Check the pipes and drain for clogs at least once a year. If you notice that the washer is filling up more slowly, or if there is standing water in the washer after a load is finished, you probably have a clog. Don’t delay in calling a washer repair service to fix the problem before a bigger problem results.


Many of us rely on the modern convenience of a dishwasher. However, if this appliance isn’t properly maintained, backups and flooding can occur. You’ll need to inspect your dishwasher quite frequently for problems if you use it several times a week.

First, be sure to clean your dishwasher regularly. Wipe down any accumulated particles along the door or base. Run an empty load with a cup of white vinegar to freshen and disinfect. If you notice any clogs or leaks, call for repairs right away to head off a potential flood.


As long as you turn off a faucet when you are finished using it, sinks won’t cause problems in your home. But if you forget to turn the water off, you could have a major flood on your hands. Be vigilant about turning the faucets off in the kitchen, bathroom, mud room and other areas of your home. Teach children to completely turn off the faucets after use. If you notice a dripping faucet, don’t delay in fixing it.


A running toilet isn’t just an annoyance; it could lead to a flood inside your home. Toilets are fairly easy to fix; simply check with your home improvement center for advice and parts. Be sure to unclog toilets as soon as possible to avoid expensive flooding that can spread underneath your flooring.


Like sinks, bathtubs are unlikely to cause flooding unless you fail to turn off the faucet. If you start running bathtub water, don’t leave the room until the tub is full. You’ll be less likely to forget to turn off the faucet that way, and you could prevent a major in-home flood.

If you have experienced flooding in your home, don’t try to clean it all up yourself. Trust the experts at Cleaning and Restoration Specialists to inspect the areas you can’t see and get every drop of water cleaned up. Give us a call at 210-944-4382 today.

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