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What to Do If Your Sewer Backs Up


sewer backup can be a big mess. It not only throws a kink into your schedule; it also has the potential to put you out of your home for a few days. Sewer messes are huge headaches that are best handled by professionals like Cleaning and Restoration Specialists.


You must act quickly as soon as you notice a sewer backup in your home. The longer you wait to take care of the mess, the higher the risk that toxic compounds could ruin your property and cause health problems. These are the main steps to take as soon as you notice a problem.

First, cordon off the affected area. Children, pets, and adults with compromised immune systems can become sick from exposure to sewage. By securing the area, you will reduce the risk of toxic exposure to sewage.

Dress wisely when dealing with sewage backup. Choose rubber boots and gloves. Safety glasses will protect you from toxic splashes. You may wish to wear a face mask to help filter out noxious fumes.

It’s important to shut off the main power sources to prevent electrocution. Use a battery-powered flashlight or the flashlight on your smartphone instead of open flames. If you can’t find the main breaker to turn off your power, call your utility provider for help.

Next, look for clogs in your plumbing lines. Check your bathrooms, kitchen sink, mud sinks and waste pipes for clogs. If you find a clog, try to clear it yourself. If the clog won’t budge, call a plumber for help as soon as possible.

Refrain from using your sinks, showers, and toilets until the clogs are free. A mainline sewer issue can cause backups into your bathtubs and/or basement, creating an even bigger mess. Make sure that no one uses the plumbing by putting up signs or using tape to secure areas shut.

Open the windows to ventilate the affected area. Use electric fans to push air into the room. If possible, keep doors open to the outside as well.


The sooner you enlist professional help to deal with a sewer backup, the better. Left untreated, bacteria can multiply and enter the HVAC system of your home, which will circulate toxins throughout all the living spaces. A sewage backup can also cause significant damage to flooring, furniture, walls, and other components of your home.

The professionals at Cleaning and Restoration Specialists know exactly how to handle sewer backups. We have the correct tools to remove all traces of sewage from your home. We can clean and restore your home in a hurry – as if the problem never happened.

It’s important to remove raw sewage from your home as soon as possible. Sewage can contain pathogens from both kitchen waste, garbage and human waste. These pathogens can cause severe illness in both humans and animals. Sewage must be removed as thoroughly as possible, and that requires professional assistance. Contact Cleaning and Restorations Specialists today at 210-610-5349 for our fast, complete cleaning service.

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